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KeyQuest was established by educator and licensed clinical social worker, Mindyjane Berman and journalist, Amy Levine-Kennedy, in 2011. Our practice works with adolescents and young adults as they balance rigorous academic schedules and attempt to identify, cultivate and grow their extracurricular interests. We care deeply about the process of getting to know our students well and accept only a small number of additional students each year.

KeyQuest focuses on engaging young people through their middle, high school, and college years as they begin to plan for the years ahead. Emphasis is placed on the developmental and psychosocial stages of the students, as well as the students' respective temperaments and their social and academic environments. Most students are between the ages of 12 and 21, attend traditional public, alternative, online, or private schools, and are pursuing a college experience or graduate degree.


With a Focus on Emotional Health and Stress Reduction

Managing rigorous academic programs

Cultivating academic & extracurricular balance

We Find and Explore Unique Opportunities

That are exciting, creative and in line
with the interests and goals of the student and his/her/their family