Our Process

Identify Where You Are Going and How You Will Get There

Practice Overview

We work with students who manage rigorous academic programs while cultivating or further developing their extracurricular interests. In a competitive college prep environment many students feel pressure to perform and achieve. We help them create a balance so that they can continue to pursue their interests outside of the classroom while performing to their highest academic potential.

Our practice aims to keep stress levels down, to explore and find unique opportunities that are exciting and creative and in line with the interests and goals of the student and the student’s family. We strive to get to know and understand each individual's particular goals and perspectives. Our objective is to serve as an ally and adviser as students negotiate their middle and high school years and, ultimately, the college application process.

Our work with students includes curriculum planning, identifying and cultivating extracurricular interests and academic opportunities; timeline planning for test preparation and exam scheduling; developing resumes and cover letters; pursuing internships as well as work, summer, and travel opportunities: developing skills for interviews, providing guidance throughout the college search process, completing the Common Application, Coalition Application, Universal Application, Decision Desk etc., including essay writing and support.

The goal is to decide where, when and how students will divide their time during these critical years while creating experiences that are meaningful and compelling for presentation in a college application format. These endeavors will capitalize on the unique characteristics and qualities of the child.